North Meols Archers

A Brief History

In the beginning

Several estranged members of Southport Archers formed North Meols Archers around 1990. These happy few contained names like Bob Taylor, Mike Stanley and John Rothwell.
I believe it was Bob who secured the use of the field at Aveling Drive for archery and it has been home since day one, albeit a shared home with the various footballing factions.
Their numbers swelled gradually and they eventually sought GNAS affiliation as a club, though some were already shooting as individual GNAS members. More joined them, including myself, but they left over the next few years in a slow and steady trickle - leaving Bob at the helm.

The Middle Ages

Membership has been up and down since I first drew a bow in July of 1992, there being only three active members at one point around 1994! By this time, 1994, many of the original members had drifted away. However, they did not join other clubs and seem to have renounced archery completely!
Late 1994 into 1995 saw many new faces arrive with enthusiastic and adventurous members like stalwarts Neil and Margaret Whittle, Jeff and Kate Beattie (our current Club Secretary) and their sons Christopher and Matthew joining the club.Fast Improver Mike Foster and his young family also joined, along with several others including handicap medal winner for 2003-4 Sandra Foley Davey.A greater desire to engage in coaching and to improve as individuals permeated the club. This, in turn, led to the pursuit of lower handicap ratings, higher classifications and entry into competitions. Bob Taylor and Jeff Beattie qualified as GNAS coaches. A new phenomenon arrived; lifting trophies, accepting medals - at last we were on the map! However, talks of mergers or, as we saw them, take-over bids were mooted as some other clubs faltered. North Meols stood resolute and has maintained and deserved its independence to this day.

Modern Times

The Chairmanship of Steve Catterall, Secretariat of Kate Beattie, and prudence of Treasurer Neil Whittle has created a far healthier club in many respects. We still shoot outdoors at the same field on Aveling Drive, Banks and indoors at the nearby North Meols Leisure Centre (on the former Greaves Hall Hospital site). Many excellent archers have come and gone in the intervening years. Fortunately, some have stayed with us and we still have a regular intake of new, enthusiastic archers. We have twice hosted the Lancashire Juniors Outdoor competition and 2010 will see our 12th Portsmouth competition at the Leisure Centre - both impossible without Jeff and Kate. The indoor competition now requires two sessions to satisfy demand. Our current membership stands at around 20 with many waiting in the wings for the next beginners course.
From day one, I knew archery with North Meols Archers was for me. With the present style of leadership and direction we will be around for many years to come.

Allan Ball